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About Us

 Far Western University which was established in 2010 by the Act of the parliament. It came into operation after the appointment of the university officials in 2011. Nevertheless, after its first historical council meeting on September 21, 2012, the university obtained approval of its rules and regulations, programs and budget. Faculty of science and technology is an important faculty of this University which includes different major streams like department of computer Science and informational technology, Department of general Sciences which includes major subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Environmental Science, microbiology etc With our new and practical–oriented programs, we are committed to academic excellence, creativity and research. We provide our students opportunity to grow and change with the diverse society. In the present competitive world, we plan our students to nurture, support and educate them to grow as the worthy and productive citizens of this country. Our undergraduate curricula are built upon the assumptions that they bring out the inner potential of our students. In each course, the students are given opportunity to create, innovate, discover and implement their creations. Thus, we perceive our students as the creative and critical thinkers, prepared for the global market. Once you enroll in our undergraduate programs you will feel the difference. Faculty of Science and technology has been established with a purpose and commitment of training the students to develop these very skills. Faculty of Science and technology will be launching some other technical streams in near future like food technology, Forestry, health sciences, medical microbiology etc. The programs of Graduate level in physics, graduate level in Computer Science and Informational Technology, mathematics are also in pipe line. At last but not a least I assure that Faculty of Science and Technology will produce a skill full technical students for the development of the region, country and global. Faculty of Science and Technology welcomes you all who are interested to carry your higher education in different streams of General Sciences and computer Science. I wish to all students for their bright future. 

Prof. Dr. Bhawani Chand Thakuri 


 Faculty of Science and Technology